Fairy tales take a nightmarish turn in this twisted tale where princesses don't get saved, children don’t escape the woods and when you go down the rabbit hole, you don't ever return.

You're a grownup after all. Prepare for a dark departure from the fairy tales you held so dear when you were a wee one. "Sweet dreams darling!"

Now that you are all grown up, discover what really happened behind the rhymes, riddles and tales. Turns out – there were no good guys. Three little pigs – so cute and so clever. Ha! Raging hogs who know how to use tools on you! Little Red Riding Hood? I’m pretty sure you can guess by now why she’s red. That ain’t no wolf blood. It’s the last guy who signed up for this sh*t!

Yeah, yeah…they all lived (?) crappily ever after.

2020 Dates

October  16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th, 31st

Hours:  6PM – 10PM  |  Price:  $26 per person

Please note:  The haunted houses will be open until 10PM. Kangaroo petting zoo will be open until 7PM. Other attractions may close early depending on weather conditions and lighting due to safety concerns.