It’s funny how humans feel in charge of this third planet from what you call The Sun. You are so cute! Remember last time we were here? And we showed you how to make fire? Now we’re back for a different kind of lesson: A lesson in humility. Let’s see how top-of-the-food-chain you feel after we test a few of our own early prototypes of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and implants on you.

Now, don’t blame us. Back home they insist we do this.

No one will buy anything without the label:  LIVE-HUMAN TESTED

2020 Dates

October  16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th, 31st

Hours:  6PM – 10PM  |  Price:  $26 per person

Please note:  The haunted houses will be open until 10PM. Kangaroo petting zoo will be open until 7PM. Other attractions may close early depending on weather conditions and lighting due to safety concerns.